Yankuba’s sister-in-law testifies

Jun 17, 2020, 12:03 PM | Article By: Dawda Faye

Awa Minteh, Yankuba Touray’s sister-in-law, yesterday testified before Justice Ebrima Jaiteh of the High Court in Banjul in the murder case involving Yankuba. Prior to this, the defence counsel, Abdoulie Sissoho, informed the court that as per the ruling of the court dated 10th June, 2020, they would like to open their defence.

In her testimony, the witness told the court that she lives at Pirang and she knows Mamy Minteh-Touray. She said that Yankuba was raised by her father, Alagie Tumany Minteh. She revealed that she lived with the accused in the same compound in Banjul.

She adduced that when the accused married her sister, she joined them in 1991, adding that after July, 1994, she continued to live with them at Cape Point. She noted that the accused, Lamin Manneh, Fatoumata Touray, Mariama Minteh, herself and her sister lived at Cape Point.

She posited that in June, 1995, the accused lived at Kerr Sering, noting that Mamy Minteh, Mariama Minteh, her elder sister, the daughter of the accused, Bakary Touray, cousin of the accused, Adama Touray, the nephew of the accused, lived at Kerr Sering. She added that the orderlies, Mariama Kujabi and Jainaba also lived there with them.

The witness told the court that there were four bedrooms and two of them had toilets. She testified that the nephew of the accused, herself, Mariama Minteh and Fatoumata Touray occupied the suite. She stated further that the single rooms were occupied by the maids, Jainaba Kujabi and Mariama. She added that the other one was occupied by Bakary Touray, Adama Touray and any orderly who was on duty. She said that they lived there permanently, except the orderlies.

The witness narrated that the maids shifted duties, stating that the security guards who lived with them in the premises slept in the guard room. She adduced that two drivers namely, Lamin Ndure, a soldier, and one Pa Colley, who was also a driver, had access to the house.

She informed the court that Lamin Ndure was driving the accused while Pa Colley was driving her sister, Mamy Minteh. She noted that there were two vehicles in the house, adding that Pa Colley would drive Mamy Minteh for leisure.

She revealed that she knows Edward Singhateh and had never visited him at his house while they were at Cape Point. She narrated that she had never been at Peter Singhateh’s house. “Mamy Minteh, Fatoumata Touray and Aja Minteh never visited Edward’s house while we were at Cape Point,” she said.

She added that Mamy Minteh, Fatoumata Touray, Adama Touray and herself never visited Edward’s house while they were living at Kerr Sering. “Mariama Minteh, Fatoumata Touray, Adama Touray, the maids and I were never driven to Edward’s house for a party,” she revealed.

She denied that Lamin Ndure drove them to Edward’s house, stating further that Adama Jangum never drove them to Edward’s house for a party. She said that Pa Colley or her sister would drive them when they had a party.

Hearing continues today.

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