W/African collabo tackles corruption, good governance

Apr 24, 2020, 10:50 AM

Yiaga Africa and the African Movement for Democracy, with the support of the World Movement for Democracy, have released an album called “Music as a Messenger of Democracy”.

The pan African collaboration, including musicians from Senegal, Mali, The Gambia, Togo, Nigeria, and Benin, covers themes like good governance, corruption, and peace.

The idea is to use music to inspire youth to become civilly active.

The platform is meant for civic-minded musicians in West Africa to collaborate with each other and with civil society activists and explore how music can be better integrated in strategies of democracy movements in West Africa.

Soulful and empowering, Music As A Messenger Of Democracy features nine African artistes-Thiat and Killifeu of Keurgui from Senegal, Moonya from Senegal and Benin, Ami Yerewolo and Master Soumy from Mali, Awa Bling and Killa Ace from The Gambia, Cillsoul from Nigeria, and Elom 20ce from Togo.

Executively produced by YIAGA AFRICA, the World Movement for Democracy (WMD) and the African Movement of Democracy (AMD), the four-track EP awakens the conscience and serves as a reminder that Africans deserve democracy and freedom and rights-but also that we must fight to gain and protect them.

The track, “Corruption” highlights governments marred by corruption, where citizens are left poor and vulnerable, while crooked politicians and their cronies line their pockets by looting public funds and resources.

“Good Governance” reflects an Africa where too often justice is opaque, public funds is stolen or misspent, and nepotism and clannism reign.

The album, mixed and produced by Waliyaane studio in Senegal, concludes with “Democracy” and “Get Involved”, which captures the importance of mobilising, and standing together to demand justice, equality, security, and transparency.

“Democracy” finally reflects the experiences and perspective of youths in Africa where too often, greed, absolute power and corruption are the talk of the day.

Written in four languages- English, French, Wolof and Bambara, Music As A Messenger Of Democracy will no doubt  inspire people to use their voices, get involved and engaged in making Africa great.