UTG faculty & staff association signals industrial actions if…

Jun 18, 2021, 11:46 AM | Article By: Adama Tine

“We want the search for the Vice Chancellor to be transparent and his position be advertised 12 months in accordance with the Condition of Service of the UTG, said Dr. Alieu Gibba, President of The University of The Gambia Faculty and Staff Association. He added if that doesn’t happen, the Association would take industrial action.

He made it clear that they would follow the procedures in terms of administration and academic matters since it’s the highest institution of learning in The Gambia.

Dr. Gibba, recently resigned from the UTG Joint Search Committee of the Council and Senate for the Position of the Vice Chancellor on the condition that the laid down principles (Bye Laws) be followed. In an interview with this medium, he said the Joint Committee must provide a uniform email where all the committee members would have access.

Dr. Gibba said that there should be transparency so that potential Gambians can apply because there shouldn’t be any situation that any potential Gambian would be blocked.

“The presence of the registrar is illegal in accordance with the UTG bye-laws because he is working directly with the VC, so if he is part of the selection committee, he could compromise the work of the VC,” he continued.

“If the right channel is not followed in the appointment of the Vice Chancellor, we would call for a congress and take an industrial action,” he warned.

He added that the University Registrar shouldn’t be part of the joint search committee as his presence as the secretary of the joint search committee is not in accordance with the bye-laws of UTG in section 4(1) (a), (b), (c). “I believe that the committee should identify a person among the members to be the secretary.” 

“Nominated members from both Council and Senate met on Saturday, May 29th 2021, to consider the draft advertisement of the position of Vice Chancellor together with the timeline for advertisement, deadline for receipt of applications, and the interview date. During the meeting, I raised several factors to be reconsidered as opposed to the draft advertisement, but were not endorsed by the members.” Dr. Gibba revealed.