UDP condemns alleged police brutality, calls for swift action

Jul 27, 2020, 12:57 PM

The United Democratic Party (UDP) says it has observed with “utter dismay” the conduct of the Gambia Police Force Anti-Crime Unit – that extremely serious allegations of torture and police brutality have been levelled against Mr. GorgI Mboob by Ebrima Sanneh.

Mr. Mboob, the head of the Anti-Crime Unit allegedly hit Mr. Sanneh in his genitals leaving him with severe pains without any arrests or investigations. This type of wanton cruelty is reminiscent of some of the witness testimonies from the TRRC.
The UDP says in statement that it vehemently condemns the alleged acts police brutality, personally meted out by the head of the Anti-Crime Unit,  Mr. Gorgi Mboob in the presence of witnesses thereafter offer an apology to the victim Mr. Sanneh again in the presence of witnesses.

“Senior police officers are supposed to protect the citizens from crimes and not be perpetrators of crimes themselves and like any other citizens of The Gambia, the GPF is not above the law.”
“Therefore, the UDP calls on the IGP & the Hon. Minister of Interior to investigate this matter urgently and thoroughly. As in all cases of serious criminal allegations, the person  suspected of committing an offence  must be arrested immediately thereafter the Police can determine whether to grant bail or not.”

Without swift action on the part of the IGP in this matter, the Gambia Police Force will lose any credibility it still has with Gambian people. Without a proper investigation in this serious allegation the Gambia Police Force will damage its reputation further and that the GPF has not significantly changed since the ousting of the dictator in 2016, the party said in statement issued by its secretary general.