Trade Ministry warns mini, supermarkets over coins

Oct 7, 2020, 10:49 AM

The    Ministry   of   Trade,     Industry,    Industry,    Regional     Integration    and Employment    has called on minimarkets and supermarkets in the habit of not returning monetary change particularly coins to customers upon purchase of items in their business premises to desist from such, according to a news release.

“The    Ministry of   Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment    hereby informs the  General  Public   that   some   business   entities particularly  the  minimarkets and  supermarkets  operating  in The  Gambia  are practicing the  habit   of  not  returning monetary change   particularly   coins  to customers    upon   purchase  of  items   in  their   business   premises.    These   coin changes are usually replaced with sweets instead.

“This  act  violates   the  provisions of the  Consumer  Protection    Act  2014  which was  promulgated  to  protect   consumers    from   unfair   and   misleading    market conducts.   Forcing   consumers   to purchase those sweets without their consent is a violation of the CP Act 2014.”

“The  business  community    particularly  mini  markets,  supermarkets  and  corner shops   are  hereby   advised   to  desist  from  this  practice  with  immediate    effect. Any individual    who conducts    business   transaction with   the mini markets and   super    markets   should    be   given   their    full   and   complete    change    in monetary  terms.   The Ministry will continue   to monitor the situation and any business    entity    found    wanting   will   face   the   full   force   of   the   law.   The cooperation   and understanding of the business community   is highly solicited.”