Trade Ministry explains flour, bread shortage

Jan 17, 2022, 1:17 PM

The Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment has noted with concern the shortage of bread and flour in the country for the past few days.


The flour sector in The Gambia is supported through a range of incentives for the industrialisation of the country. This is important to ensure long term economic growth.  There are two flour milling companies in the country, GMC Corporation and Nessim Company Ltd.

The shortage in flour was due to production problems encountered by these two companies simultaneously; a rare occurrence in the history of the sector. In the case of Nessim, it was due to the lack of power supply from NAWEC compounded by faulty generators whilst for GMC, it was due to power supply issues and a delay in receiving wheat supplies due to freight issues. The ship carrying the stock for GMC is expected to arrive in Banjul on 26th January2022.

The power issues are now resolved and production has started. Flour supplies are now flowing and the bakers should have adequate supply of flour by Saturday January 15th, 2022.

MOTIE will continue its engagements with NESSIM and GMC on the pricing issue with a view to minimizing increments. Similar engagements will continue with bakeries to avoid a recurrence and upward price adjustment.