Team Amie Jarjue raises over $6k to fight covid-19

Apr 7, 2020, 1:08 PM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

Amie Jarjue, who has rightly earned her name as “The Mother Theresa of The Gambia” and initiated a “National Fund Raiser” to buy essential foodstuffs for the needy families in The Gambia in an effort to keep them home and combat the spread of covid-19, told The Point that the team national fundraising for covid-19 has so far raised over US$6, 000.

Jarjue who believed that it is important to surround ourselves with family and friends for support and comfort in both times of joy and distress, said the great national initiative was also coordinated by Babou Njie Sallah and Sai Touray among other people.

 In a bid to help ease the burden on families at home as poverty hovers in the wake of the crisis, she thought it meaningful to contribute her quota to the development of the country.

“I call on Gambians to come together collectively and fight the global pandemic (covid-19) because individuals cannot do it. I think it’s wise to help my country because I know how some are living most especially in the trying times.”

The young entrepreneur and philanthropist, who also initiated join hands to save a baby, thanked TRRC’s Lead Counsel Essa M. Faal for donating D75, 000, provided transportation and joined the team for the distribution of the food stuffs in the communities.

“On the 24th March, I made a phone call to many Gambian fundraisers concerning the covid-19 situation in The Gambia. I explained my intention in trying to bring all citizens together and jointly raised funds to help underprivileged families during this critical time. Babou and Sai immediately understood what was necessary and accepted to take the lead and helped to start the fundraising with extra support from other citizens.Yunus Hydara gave D50, 000 to support the initiative.”

Ms. Jarjue thanked Neneh Bojang of MAMOS Media for being supportive to system.

 She also commended Ms. Ndey Jobarteh and other citizens for reaching out to support and also brought others to help the initiative.

 The team has helped about 90 families by distributing bags of rice, onions, bags of sugar and sachets of tomato.

The impressed young philanthropist commended the entire group of “Gambia National Fundraiser for Covid19.