Tanji murder incident: Family of alleged killer refuses allegations

Jan 12, 2021, 1:24 PM | Article By: Arfang M.S. Camara

Muhammed Alieu Sowe, a resident of Kombo Darsilami and a brother to Momodou Sowe, the Tanji shopkeeper, who is accused of killing one Halimatou Sarr in Tanji recently, has reacted to the said murder allegations against his brother, describing it as unfounded and false.

The community of Tanji recently woke up to the devastating news that a woman identified as Halimatou Sarr was gruesomely murdered in cold blood.

The news generated widespread condemnation in all corners especially in Tanji, where the youth wanted to act in mob justice style.

“The allegations said about my brother Muhammed to have secretly killed one Halimatou Sarr of Tanji are not true,” said Muhammed Alieu Sowe during an interview with Kerr Fatu.

He clarified that on the day his younger brother (Momodou) was alleged to have committed the act, his younger brother was in fact not at Tanji.

“On the day in question, he (Momodou) was not at Tanji because he was at my place at Jululung, where he was discussing with me about his shop.”

The accused person, he added, came to his place in Jululung around 8 a.m. on a Sunday and did not return to Tanji until on Monday when he received a phone call concerning his shop.

“Momodou arrived at my place and told me about his plans to transfer his shop because business was no longer going as it used to. He initially told me that he was going to travel but I advised that there no need for that and he can transfer his business to Jululung,” he said

“Momodou later consented to the idea of transferring the shop to Jululung and later came to look at the shop for himself on a Sunday. This was the main reason why Muhammed came to my place on that day.”

“Muhammed left my place at Jululung around 4 p.m. in the afternoon to their place at Darsilami where he spent the night until the next day on Monday. On Monday morning, he got a phone call from someone who informed him about someone who is willing to buy his shop and that was the main reason why he went back to Tanji on the next day.”

After returning to Tanji on Monday, he was arrested and alleged to have killed Halimatou Sarr.

After his arrest, Muhammed then called his mother to inform her about the incident.

He also refutes allegations that the accused person is on the verge of returning to Guinea Conakry.

He also clarified that Momodou was born and did everything including his schooling in The Gambia, adding that both his parents are Gambians too.