Sock, Oley make case for change as UDP gains momentum in LRR 

Nov 25, 2021, 10:39 AM | Article By: Adama Tine 

Marie Sock-Jobarteh, an independent candidate who recently threw her weight on the United Democratic Party (UDP), and Amie Oley Dibba, a prominent figure of UDP, at recent rallies in Kiang have made their case for change as campaigns nears the battle grounds.

On Tuesday at a rally at Nema, Kiang Central, Sock-Jobarteh described UDP as a great and well respected party. “What people say about UDP is totally different from what UDP really is. UDP is a much organised party with highly responsible and dedicated people in their work for The Gambia, most especially our presidential candidate lawyer Ousainu Darboe,” she pointed out.

 “I want to inform those who are saying that Ousainu Darboe ran away from the political debate, that he didn’t because I’m right here with him. He was in the heart of Bansang and that is where he had his political debate with the people that needed him”.

 Defending Darboe’s absence at the historic presidential debate last week, Marie said: “Darboe was with the people that have no access to internet, no access to electricity, no access to water and until that access is available all over The Gambia; that is our political debate,” Marie Sock explained.

 “Darboe is here with the people; that is why we need to vote UDP in and make lawyer Ousainu Darbo president of the Republic of The Gambia because he deserves it,” she affirmed. 

“I want to tell you all in the diaspora that there are lots of things you are told over there that are not here in reality. I’ve been in the diaspora for a very long time and now I am here so I know what I am telling you”.

 In Kiang Manduar where the UDP campaign delegation was received by thousands of supporters from Kiang, East, West and Central, Amie Oley Dibba Wadda, senior admin deputy secretary said: “People of LRR! You have clearly shown us today that you are UDP’s fixed deposit.

 According to her, “President Adama Barrow said his vision is on infrastructure but I want to inform you that most of the infrastructures that he’s showing you today aren’t projects he initiated but projects he found already started.”

“I also want to inform you that those projects are from your own money. All those projects are not for politics but they are projects he’s bringing up to deceive you so that you could vote for him”.

 She continued that “it is the responsibility of the government to take care of its citizens. What President Barrow should have started is what he brought last. Security is a big problem in this country that he hasn’t been paying attention to.”

 “The constant missing of children in this country should have been something that the government should have taken seriously but all that the government is doing nothing to end it”.

 Furthermore, she said “President Barrow is busy giving away ambulances when our hospitals are empty without medicines, while women are dying in hospitals during labour. 

 “Barrow is also giving out cooking pots to women when those women are suffering with nothing to feed themselves. President Barrow, you can’t deceive people anymore.”