Senegalese, Togolese, others among 2005 executed migrants

Feb 26, 2021, 11:24 AM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

Ebrima Jallow, then chief revenue controller of the Gambia Public Transport Services (GPTS), yesterday testified before the TRRC on issues surrounding the alleged execution of West African migrants on 22 July 2005, stating that among those arrested and detained were 44 Ghanaians, two Senegalese, three Sierra Leoneans and three Togolese.

Giving his version of the story, Jallow said he was at a music festival at the July 22 Square and received a call from his ex-managing director, Momodou Jange, who told him to go receive some Senegalese wrestlers at the ferry terminal. 

He added that upon arrival, Ngorr Secka ordered the soldiers to open the Navy gate, where he saw soldiers with heavy guns with others dressed in black-black. 

“While we were there after 1 a.m., I saw the Navy boat arrived and I heard the CDS had also arrived. I later saw them brought about 20 people from the boat and made them knelt down on the ground. The boat returned to Barra end to collect another batch of detainees. Suddenly, a white pickup parked and it was Kawsu Camara alias Bombardier.”

The witness revealed that Bombardier asked the detainees their names and if they delay in their answers, he would kick and slap them. 

Mr. Jallow continued to testify that the detainees were later put into a red bus. According to him, military personnel, the detainees and he were among those who also boarded the vehicle. He added that many military trucks and pickups were leading and upon arrival at Kairaba Police Station, they took the two Senegalese away. 

“The bus proceeded and before we reached Baba Jobe’s compound, we branched in a compound where I found Bombardier and I heard some soldiers saying Bombardier stayed here.” 

The witness stated that was the time he returned to office and found the managing director at the office. According to him, he informed him (MD) that what he told him was not what he (witness) had found on the ground.