Senegalese Bassirou Gaye hailed for mobile hospital

Aug 4, 2021, 12:42 PM

Relying as always on his deep love for Senegal, and on his modest contribution when it emerged, Monsieur Bassirou Gaye was able to identify a level 2 Campaign Mobile Hospital, made up of modules (Traige, care and resuscitation, surgery, hospitalisation, sterilisation, digital medical imaging, hygiene, dental, biology, etc), for its social, health, humanitarian side, being able to cover the national territory and beyond on the border posts according to the territorial network and at the service of all Senegalese and of all the people living among us.

This worthy son of Senegal stood out for his love for his country, his creativity, his perseverance, his tenacity, in short his leadership, without counting either his time or his generosity, as a key craftsman for the provision within the Senegalese Army of a mobile hospital with a global medical scope.

Mr. Gaye through his interpersonal skills, his very skilful way of pushing himself in the world in the service of his country, in society, of insinuating himself with useful people through his extensive network during significant events in recent history of the country, as of the first participation of Senegal in the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup and African Cup Tunisia 2002, where he was a Member of the Management Committee of the Senegalese Football Federation, to use it for the interests of our dear country.

The Mobile Campaign Hospital, a transportable structure, can be planted and deployed with its dozens of tents which make up the rapid medical intervention element, regardless of the geographical area throughout Senegal and at the borders of neighboring countries;

It is a hospital structure which is an autonomous one of its kind in Sénègal and in the sub-region.

Managed by military units of the Senegalese Army, a dedicated organisation will be set up to take care of patients with a quality of service comparable to a permanent structure, with the exception of certain specialties which will be defined by the competent authorities in disaster medicine;

In this hospital with around thirty beds, it will be possible to treat minor ailments, including trauma that can be found in operating theaters and respect the same health standards and the same protocols as a traditional hard structure.

With the obsession to always serve, to contribute to the development of its dear country, especially the social aspect, the health of the most deprived populations, the most distant, and with its task force, our objective is to make this first project a reference on the African Continent.

To date, several axes of orientation have already been defined in the continuity of an innovative pilot project for the company MPGS.

In this context of COVID 19 which is splashing the world, we must have Mobile Country Hospitals distributed in the East, West, Central West, South, North zones (equitable distribution according to the number of regions) of the country by planting them in accessible and practicable places, to free the hospitals from the massive influx of patients, avoiding as much congestion and rapid transmission of the virus as possible.

Our congratulations and encouragements to Monsieur Bassirou Gaye who had the flair and the anticipation of setting up campaign hospitals during this alarming phase of Covid 19, as the saturation of health structures becomes more and more alarming.

National Du Lion, by Monsieur Sidiky Kaba Minister of Armed Forces