NYC resolves CRR youth administration conflict

Sep 15, 2021, 4:18 PM | Article By: Sulayman Waan

The National Youth Council (NYC) on Saturday resolved the controversial youth matter in the Central River Region (CRR) involving the regional youth chairperson, Ebrima Sanyang and other CRR youth leaders, The Point has been reliably informed.

It could be recalled that recently, Abdou J. Ceesay, vice chairperson for CRR youth committee, 11 district youth chairpersons of CRR and two executive members signed a petition against the regional youth chair, Ebrima Sanyang to the NYC.

Subsequently, NYC team headed by Ousman Fatty, chair, met CRR youth leaders for negotiations.

"After a whole day push and pull, we later agreed to resolve the matter but Ebrima  Sanyang can no longer conduct an activity alone," Our CRR source said.

The source said after testimonies from both CRR angry youth leaders and the regional youth chairperson, the NYC concluded that the chair is at fault.

According to our source, the NYC negotiation team said the council does not have powers to dismiss a youth regional chairperson.

"Only the minister of Youth and Sports has the power to dismiss a regional chairperson as per the NYC act and to do that he has to follow procedures," the NYC officials told the CRR youth leaders.

The source said the regional youth leaders have agreed with NYC for Mr Sanyang to continue services but on conditions that all financial transactions of the region will go through the treasurer of the Regional Youth Committee (RYC).

The source added all information from NYC will be shared directly to the RYC vice chairman and the public relations officer to ensure everything from NYC will pass through the committee and not Mr. Sanyang.

The source said NYC has been assured that Mr. Sanyang can no longer conduct an activity without the treasurer.

"All funding from the NYC will be send to the regional account and treasurer will be responsible for disbursement of funds," the NYC team said.

He said, the NYC negotiation team have appealed to CRR youth leader to allow the regional chair to maintain his position.

The source said the CRR youth leaders have accepted NYC appeals but maintained the regional chair can no longer conduct an activity alone.

Ebrima Sanyang was elected as the regional youth chairperson for the Central River Region in a tight race with Isatou Foon of Janjanbureh and Momodou Jallow of Bansang town in the Upper River Region in 2020.