Nigerian High Commissioner pays visit to King Fahad Mosque

Feb 1, 2022, 1:28 PM

The new Nigerian High Commissioner to The Gambia last Friday paid a visit to King Fahad Central Mosque in Banjul where he was received by the Imam Ratib of the Mosque, Alhajie Cherno Mass Kah and his mosque committee members.

High Commissioner Mohammed Manu was accompanied to King Fahad Central Mosque by senior officials from the Commision including Hon. Ibrahim TsSalha of Arewa Community and CEO of Salami Enterprise Mr. Dauda Adewusi Osho where they were ushered by Bilali of King Fahad Central Mosque, Alhajie Bai Saine-Secka.

Imam Ratib of Banjul, chairman of King Fahad Mosque committee and members of the governing Council invited Ambassador Manu and his entourage in a special prayer.

Immediately after Juma ’at Prayers, introduction followed between both Mosque committee members and Ambassador Mohammed Manu and his entourage.

Speaking on behalf of the Imam Ratib of Banjul at the ceremony, the chairman of King Fahad Central Mosque Committee who once served as the Secretary General of the Republic of The Gambia, Alhagie Sulayman Samba, explained that former Nigerian High Commissioner to The Gambia, Mrs. Aisha Mohammed used to pray with them at the Mosque, but since she completed her ambassadorial duty, they don’t have the opportunity to witness another diplomat, except with His Excellency’s (Manu’s) historic visit on Friday. 

According to Mr. Samba, it was a symbol for reviving the lost glory of the past relationships they both shared with High Commissioner Manu and the Nigerian Community in The Gambia.

Alhagie Modou Jallow Secretary General of King Fahad Central Mosque Committee, also former Secretary General of the Republic of The Gambia, enjoined the presence of the diplomat and hoped for cordial religious relationship with High Commissioner Manu and Banjulians.

“This will serve as a way of cementing the longtime relationship between The Republic of The Gambia and the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” Mr. Samba explained.

In response to the aforementioned, Ambassador Mohammed Manu thanked the Mosque committee members for the warm welcome accorded to him and his entourage. 

“I am almost seven months in the country as Nigeria High Commissioner to The Gambia and with the kind of reception I received so far from well-meaning Gambians, I feel like I am at home” Ambassador Manu explained.

He further thanked Imam Ratib of King Fahad Central Mosque, Alhagie Cherno Mass Kah for giving him the opportunity to join the congregation. He also pledged to be visiting the Mosque at his convenient time for Juma ‘at prayers.

At the end of the ceremony, Imam Ratib presented two books of Holy Quran to Ambassador Mohammed Manu,.

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