NAMs adopt report on monitoring implementation of gov’t projects

Mar 16, 2023, 11:49 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

Deputies at the National Assembly on Tuesday adopted the Select Committee’s report on Monitoring Implementation of Government projects for oversight visit to project sites across the country.

Presenting the report before deputies, Hon. Yahya Sanyang, Chairperson of the Committee and also member for Latrikunda German, said the committee was supported by a technical team from the Office of the Clerk, and visited various projects, particularly those committed to the National Roads Authority, through the Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure.

He further informed deputies that the projects include the 84.5km Niumi Hakalang road and loops, the North Bank (Lot 1 and Lot 2), the Sankandi-Karantaba (Kiang West Road), the Bertil Harding Road Project, 50 km urban roads, the Banjul Rehabilitation Project, and the construction of the OIC Raddison Blue Hotel.

Hon. Sanyang added that each project mentioned in the document, and information on the contractual agreements, parties and durations are reflected. This shall include the name of the contractor, project design and features, engineers, funding authority, level of progress, and contract duration, he outlined.

He said the Committee’s general observations and recommendations follow the description of the projects. However, he noted, there are “numerous challenges” hindering the progress of work in most of the sites.

Hon. Sanyang further informed deputies that one of the biggest challenges highlighted in the report gathered from almost all the road projects is the “late disbursement “of Interim Payment Certificates (IPC) to contractors and consultants.

“This lapse could lead to the incompletion of the works beyond stipulated time,” he posited, saying that other crucial challenges include lack of mobilization at certain site camps. “In fact, other projects, such as the Sankandi-Karantaba Roads lack site camps,” he added.

“Additionally, it has been documented that some contractors are seriously underperforming, especially on the 50km urban roads and the Hakalang roads and loops.”