‘Naimina a no-go area for oppositions’

Jun 26, 2020, 12:00 PM

Fafa Ceesay, a politician and native of Kerr Katim village in the Naimina East District of the Central River Region has predicted that President Adama Barrow will win the 2021 Presidential election, claiming that the entire Naimina East District would be a-no-go-area for Gambian oppositions.

“There is nothing that the Gambian opposition parties can offer. Gambia is lucky to have a president who has the interest and welfare of Gambians as part of his top development agenda. “President Adama Barrow’s three years tenure in office has transformed the country,” he said in an interview with The Point, adding the country is moving on the right track towards achieving the National Development Plan.

The Gambian businessman cum politician also responded to criticism by Omar Ceesay, the National Assembly Member for Naimina East District.

According to him, the NAM for Naimina East District Hon. Ceesay claimed that health posts in the district were encountering drug shortage and as a result of that he (Hon Ceesay) donated some medications and pledged his three-month salary to support patients’ consultation fee in Kudang Health Centre.

“Ceesay’s criticisms are “totally baseless and they are far from the truth”. I can clearly tell you that there is no drug shortage in all the health posts in the three Naimina districts. The government of Adama Barrow is committed to providing quality and affordable health services to all Gambians irrespective of what,” he stated, saying “the provision of quality health care has been one of the heartbeats of The Gambia government over past three years”.

According to him, Hon. Ceesay was just trying to score a political point, saying “we the people of Naimina East District and the two districts are not sleeping. He knows that there is no way he could come back as a NAM for the area.”

“In fact, I can tell you that Hon. Ceesay “accidentally” won the election. This was as a result of UDP “imposing” a candidate that was not the people’s choice. The candidate the UDP leadership imposed to us was not even selected by the district committee. Therefore, we all decided to support Ceesay so that he could win. However, without that, there was no way he could even be called honourable; talk less of winning.”

Mr. Fafa Ceesay claimed that the medications that Hon. Ceesay gave out were not even the needs of the people within the area.

“What I want to tell him is that; let him come and join Barrow’s team so that we can work towards the development of the district or else, let him start packing all his belongings because we will vote him out in the next parliamentary election.”

Politics, he said, is not about unnecessary criticism but it’s about selling your ideas and plans to your electorates. “That’s what we as team Barrow are doing. I am quite optimistic that even if we are to go to election today, Hon. Ceesay will woefully lose his seat. Even the villages that supported and voted for him during the last parliamentary election are not with him anymore. The fight is between me and him but not him and Barrow.” 

In his reaction, Hon. Omar Ceesay said he won the last parliamentary election because he was the choice of the people. “I committed my three months salary to support inhabitants of my area by providing medications for them during this covid-19. I can’t buy rice or sugar to support them during this trying time but supporting them with medications and paying their consultations fees is paramount.”

“I have never been an accidental NAM. I won the election because I was people’s choice. What the people of Naimina East District are requesting is what I am giving them. I can tell you that GDC is very strong in Naimina because we won during the last presidential, parliamentary and even the councillorship elections. This clearly manifests that the party is unshakable in the area.”