Lt. Col. Bojang blames Jammeh for his son's death

Feb 24, 2021, 11:25 AM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

Lt. Colonel Amadou Bojang of The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) and former commander of ‘Operation Bulldozer’ yesterday testified before the TRRC, blaming former President Yahya Jammeh for being responsible for the demise of his son.

He said this happened as a result of his unlawful arrest and detention without trial.

"I blame Jammeh for unlawful detention because he ordered my arrest. My son was sick and I didn’t have the chance to take him to the hospital for treatment because of the unlawful detention. So therefore I will say Jammeh is responsible for his death.

Testifying on human rights violation allegations during his services as onetime second in command of the defunct Operation Bulldozer, Bojang stated that their operations were to control criminals by enforcing the law but many human rights violations happened in between.

With regard to the arrest of Musa Fofana and colleagues on 11 May 2012, the witness said the Intelligence Unit of Bulldozer informed them that there was a group of people planning for a possible military implosion and demonstration.

"The people suspected were arrested led by police officer Sonko. Ebrima Keita was arrested and taken to the charge office and from the statement he gave; there was need for further investigation. Ebrima was sat before the panel and I found him crying, saying the allegations against him were painful. I advised him to stop crying and give his statement and I assured him he wouldn't be beaten."

He added that he later left and the following morning, he was informed that the second suspect Musa Fofana was apprehended. The witness stated that he saw Musa and cracked joke and left, adding that the suspects were detained for 14 days in Holgam before a charge was pressed against them. 

Lt. Col. Bojang told the commission that during his time with the Operations Bulldozer, he never threatened or beat any individual. He confirmed that the testimony of Ebrima Keita alledging him of threatening him with a pistol was false.  

He denied the witnesses’ claim that they were taken to the cemetery for execution. “That is a total lie because that cemetery issue never happened. And it is not true as claimed that I used to drink."

The witness admitted being responsible for unlawful detentions that took place at Holgam.