Lands Ministry, governor to decide on ‘Banyanka’ alkalorship crisis

Nov 17, 2020, 11:15 AM | Article By: Yusupha Jobe

The chief of Kombo South has disclosed that solutions to the ongoing ‘Banyanka’ alkalorship crisis can only be effected by the Ministry of Local Government and Lands.

Lamin Darboe made the remarks during a meeting he organised over the community’s ongoing alkalorship feud last week after villagers sent a signed petition to the Ministry of Local Government, Governor’s Office of West Coast Region, Inspector General of Police and copied to the district chief. The petitioners requested for the removal of the village alkalo with allegations that he sold lands to different people. He is also alleged to have used his power as the alkalo to assault and insult individuals he had land scuffles with.

“I have heard what has all been said here and the reason of organising this meeting today with the alkalos of different villages in my district is to know and understand the ongoing alkalorship crisis of Banyanka. We are not here to further aggravate the problem but to find a common solution to it.”

“Reports of what has been gathered from the meeting will later be prepared by my secretary and taken to the Office of the Governor and the Ministry of Local Government and Lands for a final decision to the crisis. Now, what I am appealing is for us to maintain peace and understanding among ourselves.”

“It is the minister of the Local Government who called and assigned me to convene this meeting even before I received the copy of your petition against the alkalo. So this implies how concerned he is to this crisis and that is why I am calling on all parties to wait for the final decision from the Governor’s Office and the Lands Ministry.”


The community of Banyanka in Kombo South District has grappled with alkalorship crisis for many years.

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