Judge adjourns all criminal cases for lack of electrical facilities

Jun 11, 2021, 5:16 PM | Article By: Fatou Dem

The Banjul High Court Annex on Wednesday 9th June 2021, adjourned all criminal cases due to the lack of proper electricity facilities.

The presiding judge of the Banjul High Court Annex, Justice A. Bakre, arrived as early as 9 am, but did not sit owing to the lack of electrical facilities.

Criminal matters are mostly heard on Wednesdays. While lawyers, accused persons, members of the public and prison wardens were all seated waiting for the judge, they were informed by the clerk that the judge won't be sitting.

It was observed that the electric fan that is placed above the judge's seat was not working. Also, the reporter was told the judge's office does not have proper electric facilities. The electric fan inside the judge's chamber is not working. Another problem was that the office of the clerks does not have working fan.

Of recent, the weather is warm which requires people to use fan. The High Court annex is usually a crowded court especially on Wednesdays when criminal matters are heard.

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