Janjangbureh-Laminkoto ferry landing needs urgent attention

Feb 15, 2021, 12:38 PM | Article By: Yunus S. Saliu

Crossing from the historical island of Janjangbureh to Laminkoto or vice versa is disturbing as both residents and travellers to and from these two communities don’t find it easy any longer.

While it is a matter of struggling for ferry to dock at any of the landings, embarking and disembarking from the local boats has become another event to reckon with.

Janjangbureh is an island that boasts of tourism sites with numerous cultural and historical endowments of not just national but international reputation that are attracting international tourists. Yet, it is impossible to imagine that authorities are gradually neglecting it in the hands of residents with little care.

The suffering of residents of Janjangbureh, also known as McCarthy Island, in terms of crossing the river has now become a dilemma.

The situation is also a headache for those who have businesses at Lamin Koto, civil servants and students crossing from both sides.

The ferry works for limited time or does not work more than three times.

Passengers boarding the local boats will step into the water in order to enter the boat or go out of the boat to avoid falling into the river. This gets their shoes, sandals, trousers or uniforms soaked with water.

The dilapidating conditions of the landings didn’t start in recent times but a few years ago. They have become metaphors for the areas. Both past and present administrative governors have been using the landings without any knowledge about whether there had ever been a request to the necessary authorities for its rehabilitation.