Italy Based-Gambian calls for peace ahead of Dec. polls

Aug 20, 2021, 2:12 PM | Article By: Sulayman Waan

Gibbi Sey, a Gambian residing in Italy has called on the citizens of the country to maintain peaceful coexistence and avoid all forms of harsh language ahead of the December elections.

Speaking to The Point exclusively, Sey, a Baya-Ba born and Kombo Dasilami resident, said Gambians are one people and should work unanimously to contribute to nation building.

He said if the trend of voicing harsh language and political bigotry continue, the country could go out of control in the future.

“Gambians are known to be disciplined, generous, pious and peaceful. Therefore, let’s stop segregation among ourselves. I urge all Gambians to be peaceful, united and avoid being divided by politics,” he said.

He stated that Gambians have been involved into politic since the era of former President Sir Dawda Jawara but there was no division and series of insult in the political arena.

He advised all to stay calm and wait for the election. “If the elections comes people can march to the voting stations and cast for their candidate of choice peacefully. That is better than attacking and insulting one another,” he said.

He added: “Let’s maintain our good relationship and stop divisions among us.”

 On national interest

He said, if any Gambian is entrusted a position to serve the nation, the person should hold that position with honesty and work hard to ensure rapid national development.

He, however, added that there is a need for the citizenry to recognise those entrusted with responsibility and honour them for serving the country.

Speaking further, Mr. Sey said religious leaders deserve maximum respect from the public, justifying that they are also working for the masses but was quick to add that they should also stay away from politics. “If imams are preaching, let them just talk about God and His Prophet and stop talking about politics,” he said.

The Italy-based- Gambian said there is a need for all to work hard and build a good relation among the citizenry to ensure the next generation growth-up in a decent and friendly society.

He said they young ones are learning from the older age and added the elders have a responsibility to demonstrate good examples so that the younger generation adopts better behaviour from them.

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