Imam Sillah advises Gambians to be wary of Middle East agents

May 16, 2022, 11:45 AM | Article By: Ismaila sonko

Ebriama Sillah, the Imam of Lasswarf Mosque has urged Gambians to be more vigilant about the Gambian agents from the Middle East who send our Gambian sisters for slavery. 

Imam Sillah made these comments during his Friday sermon on May 13 in Banjul.

He said most of these agents would come to the Gambia and make deceptive promises to “our young women that they have works for them in the Middle East countries, while ending up selling them for slavery and prostitutions.”

According to him, others were introduced to the domestic works such as cleaning, laundering, ironing, cooking, taking care of their kids and gardening among other things.

"With all this hardships they are facing in the Middle East countries, their authorities are not doing anything to help them to get out of that situation,” he said.

He added that for the past 200 years, black people have been used as slaves for white people, with "the same trend ongoing in the Middle East and Western countries." 

He said the only black people in the Middle East who have their freedom are the people who are there for studies.

Imam Sillah called on the government of The Gambia through the Ministry of Interior to engage the Gambia Police Force (GPF) to make a thorough investigation about these agents in The Gambia in order to stop this dubious act in the country.