Imam Jah, Sillah bash gay right proponents

Jun 15, 2020, 12:21 PM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham & Ismaila Sonko

Dr. Imam Ousman Jah, the imam of Tagwa Mosque, Bertil Harding Highway and Ebrima Sillah, the imam of Lasso Warf Mosque in Banjul South have strongly opposed lambasted proponents of gay and lesbianism rights, saying these rights contravenes the teachings of Islam. 

Jah said there are authentic Hadiths that indicate that gays should be killed and that their supporters have committed greatest sins.

During the press conference of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Imam Baba Leigh said human rights was far beyond what they called same sex marriage, adding that “we forget that the Almighty Allah said in the Quran that everyone should be given the right he/she deserve to be given.”

“Being an idol worshipper, gay or whatever he is, he is a human being and has what he deserved. Whatever crime he commits; he should be treated as a human being. Even if the criminal kills somebody, he should be arrested and due process must be observed and he must be treated as a human being,” Imam Baba Leigh was quoted as saying.

“I unfortunately found myself become the biggest victim of national human rights commission because of my name and religion, which I am not the only Muslim working with the national human right commission in different countries all over the world,” Leigh said.

Dr. Jah during his Friday sermon said the gay marriage is happening every day in the country unknowingly, saying he sees no reason why it should be legalised.

He added that the so-called human right activists are advocating putting gay marriage in our history books and constitutions so that two men can openly request to marry each other.

“They want those gay couples to have the opportunity to walk together and kiss each other on the streets without anyone’s business or interference.”

He warned that if any imam in The Gambia is aware of this and doesn’t talk about it, then he has wronged his creator and hasn’t fulfilled his duties.

He continued that anyone who has power and doesn’t fight it, then he/she has wronged the Supreme God and he/she hasn’t fulfilled his duties, likewise a Muslim who doesn’t show anger.

“We have good Muslim elders and good Qur’anic school to follow the teachings of the Creator, so why do we have people who come from nowhere, saying they want to defend human rights to an extent for people do whatever they want.”

“There are people who need the knowledge about atomic technology but they are denied. There are countries that are not given the right to be friends with all and just couldn’t buy weapons anywhere they feel like,” Imam Jah argued.

Imam Jah indicated that in some countries, they kill people because of their race or belief.

“I confirm to you that gay is forbidden in Islam and anyone who does it, support it or help the supporters are all bad people and have committed sins.”

He called on all Muslims to stand firm and fight those bad mindsets in the country. He said the teaching of the prophet Muhammad (SAW) has been to kill any man who has intercourse with his fellow man.

Ebrima Sillah, the imam of Lasso Warf Mosque also slammed Imam Baba Leigh and the members of the Human Rights Commission of The Gambia, saying they are “short-sighted in thinking” after supporting gay marriage and lesbianism in The Gambia.

Imam Sillah made these remarks during his Friday sermon at Lasso Warf Mosque in Banjul.

He said the verse that Imam Baba Leigh mentioned from the holy Qur’an in defending gay rights in the country was baseless and misleading because the holy Qur’an forbids gay marriage and lesbianism in the world.

Imam Sillah added that the Human Rights Commission is trying their best so that the constitution of The Gambia can protect the people that are practicing gay marriage and lesbianism in the country in order to have their freedom and do whatever they want to do in the country without people interfering in their affairs. If that happens, he argued, the country will be in a serious war because the religious leaders will not sit and watch such practice in the country.

Imam Sillah thus called on the Human Rights Commission to stop advocating for gay marriage and lesbianism in The Gambia because it has no place in The Gambia and that majority of Gambians are not in support of it. “Even the animals’ kingdom is not practicing this sinful act among themselves, so why should human beings have such belief in their minds.”

He cautioned that if the West wants to bring a culture that is forbidden by both Islam and Christianity, it will not work and will not be accepted in this country.

"I call Imam Baba Leigh imam, but that title should be revoked because he has betrayed the Islamic Religion after advocating for the rights of gay marriage and lesbianism in the country," he said.

The Lasso Warf Imam called on the government of the Gambia to return any money to the  European Union and tell them that gay marriage and Lesbianism have no place in this country and at the same time the people of the Gambia are not in for it because it’s against Islam and the Christianity.

Imam Sillah called on the National Assembly not to allow gay marriage and lesbianism to be part of the laws of The Gambia so long they are representing the people of The Gambia.

He also called on all the religious leaders and the followers of the Islam and Christianity across the country to come together and fight against gay marriage and lesbianism in The Gambia because it has no place in this country.

Imam finally advised the President of the Gambia Adama Barrow, to come out and speak to Gambians so that the people of the Gambia will know the position of the government on gay marriage and lesbianism.