IEC registers new political party

Jun 12, 2020, 11:46 AM

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has announced the registration of the Gambia Alliance for National Unity (GANU), making it the newest political party in the country.

The party is headed by Sheikh Tijan Hydara, making it the 16th political party in the country.

“The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) hereby wishes to notify the general public that having met the requirements for registration under section 105 of the Elections Act 2009 (as amended), a new party, Gambia Alliance for National Unity has this 9th day of June 2020 been duly registered as a bona fide political party,” the Commission states in a press release sent to this medium.

The particulars of the new party named Sheikh Tijan Hydara as leader; with secretariat in Brusubi Phase I, West coast Region.

The party has Sea Green and Sky Blue in colour, with the symbol: People in a circle holding hands as a sign of unity and the motto: GANU is the solution. 

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