How covid-19 vaccination normalizes travelling for Gambians

Aug 4, 2022, 12:07 PM | Article By: Isatou Ceesay Bah

As the world tries to recover from the pandemic, the World Health Organisation (WHO) advised citizens of all countries to take the covid-19 vaccine in order to return to normalcy.

However, Gambians who took the Covid-19 jab before they travelled have disclosed how they were in contrast to those who were not vaccinated.

Pa Modou Cham, a journalist, who recently traveled to Nigeria, said getting vaccinated before traveling has eased challenges for him compared with people who did not take the vaccines.

According to him, one needs a Covid-19 vaccine certificate to fill the health survey before reaching his/her destination.

"Upon arrival at the airport, I was given an easy go because of my vaccination certificate. One of my colleagues who couldn't get his Covid-19 vaccination certificate was delayed at the airport and he was asked to pay $90 for the covid test before his release."

Cham further noted that getting vaccinated before traveling is the best thing to do to ease certain obstacles and unnecessary charges that could be avoided.

Gibril Gando Baldeh, a senior health promotions, Directorate of Health Promotion and Education at the Ministry of Health, the vaccine has proved its effectiveness as it has reduced the number of hospitalisations and deaths in the country.

"To travel across borders within Africa or Europe one has to get the signature and that's the Covid-19 vaccination certificate. For one to get this certificate, he/she has to also immunize against covid-19 and is being recommended by the WHO."

He urged Gambians to get vaccinated, saying it’s recommended by the International health regulations that anyone that wishes to travel should show a clear Covid-19 vaccination certification before entering any country in Africa or Europe.

Alasana Kasama, a businessman, shared his experience as regards to travelling. At the International level, he said, “getting vaccinated makes things very easy for travelers with the Covid vaccination card to pass through airports easily through the health check system.”

"I would like to advise Gambians to go and take the covid vaccine because the pandemic is real. It’s also moving worldwide and to also travel easily without restriction and charges, one has to get vaccinated."

Binta Jawo, who traveled to Burkina recently, said traveling without Covid-19 Vaccines was impossible during the time of her trip because the first thing that she was asked at the airport was her covid card.

My trip to Burkina was a very smooth one because I was fully vaccinated, she said.

She went on to highlight that health officials have informed the population that the vaccines are safe and effective.

"Those that weren't vaccinated were not allowed to travel at that time so they had to book for another flight and get vaccinated before they could embark on a trip. So taking the vaccines will just put one on the safe side as we all know how deadly covid is. To me, prevention is always better than cure," she said.

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