Guineans in Gambia vote in presidential elections

Oct 19, 2020, 11:33 AM | Article By: Sankulleh Gibril Janko

Thousands of Guineans residing in The Gambia have cast their votes in the October 18, Presidential Elections.

According to the Guinean Electoral Commission (CENI), 13,785 Guinean registered voters took part in the civic exercise.

The electoral officials say, 10,971 of the registered Guinean voters in The Gambia are male while the female voters account for 2,814.

The main contenders in the 12 candidate tense presidential run of are incumbent Alpha Conde who is seeking third term and opposition leader Cellou Dallen Diallo.

And Guineans in The Gambia will have a say on who will lead them in the next six years.

According to the head of the Guinea Electoral Commission in The Gambia Michel P. Koivogui, all the voting materials have been provided, the elections began on time and there were no major hitches to the electoral process.

Guinea’s presidential election is closely observed as tension in Conakry continues to run off after incumbent Conde organised a constitutional referendum to avail him the right to contest for the third term.

The opposition boycotted the referendum leaving Conde’s supporters to endorse the constitution.

After casting his vote on Sunday in Conakry, incumbent Prof Alpha Conde told Guineans to be responsible and peaceful.

His opponent and opposition leader meanwhile Cellou Dalen Diallo also after voting, said he is assured of victory against President Conde.

Bilo Barry, a registered voter, expressed his delight, saying “I feel very happy about this day because we need to change the President of the Republic of Guinea and we need peace and stability.”

Muhammed Barry another voter said: “We have to vote in a peaceful manner, everyone has the civic right to vote for the president he wants, so I’m urging all the Guineans to vote peacefully.”

“I’m calling on the politicians to stop the division because in Guinea we now have this ethnic division and regional division, so I am calling on the politicians to stop the division.”

Opposition parties had initially planned to boycott the presidential election after Conde defied calls not to change the constitution to his advantage marred by violence and deaths in the capital Conakry.

However, opposition leader Cellou Dallen Diallo changed his mind and announced his candidacy, claiming a genuine chance to defeat incumbent Prof Alpha Conde after the previous two attempts.