GRA staff cautioned on Integrity

Dec 20, 2021, 12:27 PM

Commissioner General Yankuba Darboe has cautioned his staff not to compromise integrity, ethics and professionalism in the due execution of their duties as revenue collectors.

He gave this advice last week while presiding over the opening ceremony of a two-day seminar for staff of GRA under the Department of Human Resources and Administration.

CG Darboe described integrity, ethics and professionalism as paramount in their daily works as revenue collectors.  

“Therefore, GRA will not compromise its integrity, ethics and professionalism at any cost,” he emphasised.

According to him, GRA is a highly respected corporate institution in the country and that the staff of GRA particularly those at the Department of Human Resources and Administration should lead by example.

According to CG Darboe, any institution that doesn't have a strong Department of Human Resource and Administration is bound to failure.

He added that this is why GRA, unlike many other institutions, has more than 150 young graduates with masters and PhDs among others to enhance performance.

“These are young graduates who have the energy and knowhow to deliver to the best of their knowledge. Therefore GRA management assures them the motivation to better do the job.”

GRA boss further expressed delight over his Human Resources Department staff, who he said are doing very well to ensure that the welfare of the GRA staff are addressed and also to ensure that the staff are punctual and abide by the code of conduct of GRA.

According to him, the objective of this training was to bring most of the staff under the Department of Human Resources at GRA and take stock of their performance, concerns, challenges, and see how far they have gone during the year.

He used the opportunity to advise his staff that the Department of Human Resources has a bigger role to play to coordinate and manage staff, saying they therefore should lead by example.

He cited that currently GRA cannot afford to go backward and that the staff should redouble their efforts in raising the flag of GRA to higher heights.

For his part, the director of the Department of Human Resources and Administration, Ernest Mendy, commended the management of GRA for ensuring that staff under the Department of Human Resources benefited from the two days training.

He said the staff would be exposed to various topics which they would all discuss and give suggestions, or recommendations as the way forward in those two days.