Gov’t dismisses A.I.F. covid-19 fund partnership claims

Aug 28, 2020, 12:38 PM

It has come to the attention of The Gambia Government that a private equity firm, the Africa Infrastructure Fund (A. I. F – Gambia LTD) has announced the establishment of its own COVID-19 Relief Fund to support the government’s ongoing efforts in response to the national emergency that the country is facing.

The A. I. F has already circulated a press release to the media that its COVID-19 Relief Fund will be implemented among other things, to manage the execution of required public projects and other publicly sponsored activities in The Gambia at government owned and/or managed facilities with a role in the national emergency response.

While the Government of The Gambia acknowledges and appreciates the tremendous effort and support from its Development Partners and Non-State Actors in the fight against COVID-19, it has to be made abundantly clear that those seeking funding for their private COVID-19 response initiatives should not do so by riding on the weight of the Government or its affiliated Agencies without seeking and obtaining prior written consent or agreement.

The Government of The Gambia therefore, informs the public that it is not in partnership with A.I.F–Gambia LTD. to seek or solicit funding to finance publicly-owned or publicly held activities and assets to combat COVID-19.

To avoid duplication of efforts, the Government advises that Development Support Organizations, Non-State Actors and the Private Sector wishing to partner with government in the fight against COVID-19 should liaise with and obtain the full written consent of the Ministry of Health which is the designated Ministry to professionally co-ordinate the national response of the Covid-19 pandemic.”


Ebrima Sillah
Minister of Information & Communication Infrastructure.

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