Gambia protests against Jammeh’s “inflammatory remarks”

Nov 1, 2021, 10:46 AM

Following former Gambian despot, Yaya Jammeh’s recent inflammatory remarks directed at the Barrow government and other political actors, The Point has been reliably informed that The Gambia government has reacted strongly.

In a terse and strongly worded statement seen by our source, The Gambia government is reported to have petitioned Yaya Jammeh’s current host, President Theodore Obiang, the ECOWAS Commission, the United Nations’ Africa Representative and the African Union to immediately caution the “disgraced tyrant lest his inflammatory messages” bring confusion and violence as the The Gambia enters a “very contentious presidential election.”

The communique also reminded the former president who “ruled The Gambia with an iron fist” for 22 years, that he needed to respect the terms and conditions of his political asylum and stay off Gambian politics.

“Ever since his belligerent statements two weeks ago, there is rising sense of unease among Gambians. His party that ruled The Gambia for over two decades, the APRC has now splintered into two camps and in the ensuing confusion, riot police have arrested some Jammeh loyalists. There have been incidents of fist fighting and mob justice among the former dictator’s now splintered supporters.”