‘Gambia is the destination for Netherlands’ oldest vehicles’

Aug 20, 2021, 1:10 PM | Article By: Adama Tine

The director at the Directorate of Research and Consultancy of the University of The Gambia, Muhammed Lamin Sanyang, in an interview with this medium has revealed that Gambia is importing a lot of old vehicles and that finding shows that between 2017-2018, “Gambia is the destination for the oldest vehicles from the Netherlands with an average of 18.8 years imported here”

He added that there should be a standard for imported vehicles into the country; there should be an age limit in place for the vehicles coming in while our fuel standard improved. “Our fuel quality is very poor and that is why lots of vehicles are in the garage because they have fuel problems,” he said.

Highlighting on the road congestion that he is heading a research team to make findings, Dr. Sanyang disclosed that there is almost five fold increase in cars on the roads. “The data we gathered in 2017 revealed that we have about eleven thousand (11,000) vehicles registered and in 2020, twenty three thousand (23,000) vehicles have been registered,” he divulged.

According to him, the road infrastructure is very poor and also the road network expansion is moving at a very slow pace while the vehicles are increasing rapidly that is why we feel the ordeal of traffic jams.

Emphasising on the importance of research, Dr. Sanyang said research feeds and helps in formulating evidence based policies as they are made for effect changes and make differences if they are not well informed.

“All developed countries spend a lot on research especially during the Covid-19 pandemic when everyone was thinking of a solution and said it is vaccine, while all the top universities in the world were competing including the top pharmaceutical companies who would come out first with the solution and it was research,” he said.

According to him, research is the solution in helping the livelihood of the people, socio economic and change political environment. He added that the UTG has been engaging in research since inception but on a very small scale because there was no coordination.

“Everyone was doing research at his own pocket but now we have a centre that will coordinate and manage research activities as our mandate is to support, promote and build a highly stationed research culture with the UTG,” he noted.

“The university is ready for transformation. We are ready to bring the change and we have the potential to change this country. We don’t lack the knowledge and resources but what we lack is the will power which we have to change ourselves,” he concluded.

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