Gambia, Equatorial Guinea sign accords to build diplomatic ties, trade

Jun 1, 2022, 10:39 AM

Press release

The Gambia and Equatorial Guinea Sign Accords to Build Diplomatic Ties and Establish Trade Links
State House, Banjul, 31st May 2022:

The Gambia and Equatorial Guinea, Sunday, 29th May 2022 signed four bilateral agreements to establish diplomatic and trade links between the two
countries, at a ceremony in the Presidential Palace in Malabo.
The agreements are the Joint Communique on the establishment of diplomatic relations between
The Gambia and Equatorial Guinea, Cooperation Framework Agreement between The Gambia
and Equatorial Guinea, MOU on Diplomatic Consultations between the Foreign Ministries and
Agreement on Reciprocal Exemption of visas for holders of diplomatic and service passports. The Cooperation Framework Agreement establishes the Joint Commission for Economic, Commerce,
Scientific and Technical Cooperation.

During the ceremony, President Adama Barrow and his counterpart H. E. Teodoro Obiang
Nguema Mbasogo, President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, affirmed the mutual benefits
of establishing relations between the two countries would yield. President Barrow said the two
countries could gain a lot when they work in partnership to exploit their natural resources for the
benefit of their people. He said Equatorial Guinea has a lot of natural gas, and The Gambia could
benefit from their expertise. He added that he would send a ministerial delegation soon after
returning to Banjul to start implementing the agreements.
President Nguema Mbasogo said, Equatorial Guinea and The Gambia could leverage each other's
potential for mutual benefit. He said Equatorial Guinea consumes a lot of groundnuts, which it
does not produce and can purchase from The Gambia. He said the development of intra-African
trade would save the continent a lot of foreign exchange.
President Nguema Mbasogo thanked President Barrow for his participation in the African Union
Summit, adding that The Gambia and Equatorial Guinea did not have relations for a long time,
noting it is now time for the two to work together.
President Barrow in turn thanked President Nguema Mbasogo for his contribution towards ensuring peace prevailed in The Gambia during the political impasse in December 2016. He said
The Gambia now has peace and is ready to build a new partnership between the two countries.

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