GAF welcomes Gamcoy 23 back home

Mar 18, 2021, 2:11 PM | Article By: Adama Tine

As the UNAMID mission in the Sudanese region of Darfur has finally ended, The Gambia Armed Forces on Tuesday received the first batch of Gamcoy 23 troops comprising 59 soldiers and 7 officers.

Addressing the troops from Darfur, Brigade General Turo Jawneh, said it was a pleasure to receive the troops back on behalf of Lt. General Yankuba Drammeh, CDS of The Gambia Armed Forces, who due to some other official engagements couldn’t welcome them on arrival but hoping to receive them later at the GAF training school.

“You have gone out and exhibited professionalism while in Darfur but unfortunately, you are back here today because the UN Resolutions asked us to withdraw all the forces from Darfur” said Brig. Gen. Jawneh.

He added that the entire GAF is pleased to receive the troop back home including H.E. Adama Barrow, noting that there was no adverse report against anyone while in Darfur, which he said, was a big pleasure not only for the GAF but also for the The Gambia as a nation.

“You are here today as proud Gambian soldiers because The Gambian Contingent is being described to be the best figure in terms of peace keeping anywhere, which the GAF command is proud of. You have raised the flag of The Gambia and we want you to continue keeping it high” Brig. Gen. Jawneh stated.

He further reminded them that there is an inside rule for everyone to be quarantined in order to follow all the covid-19 protocols. If you are found to be negative, you will be discharged, if otherwise, the medic team will be around to attend to them.

In an interview with Major Abdou Jatta, second in command to the arrived troop, he said they knew that the mission was not going to be long because before their departure, it was clearly made to them that the mission’s mandate would end 31 December 2020.

“Every mission runs under a mandate, once the mandate is terminated, troops no longer stay. The mission’s mandate was to end and a new mission was to take over which is a civilian led mission, which kicked off on the 1st January 2021” he affirmed.

According to Major Jatta, the troop has successfully carried out their mission and has totally exhibited professionalism during their operations in the mission area, while extending gratitude and thanks to the Sudanese people. 

When asked about those soldiers who are yet to experience Darfur mission, Major Jatta said every mission has a format, noting that their troop is a company of 132 and in military he added, they have ways of selecting who should go for what mission.

“Based on your role in the army compared to what you are going to perform in the mission area, selection is done and those that are yet to be selected never felt bad because they know next time will be their turn,” he concluded.

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