Essa Faal urges Gambians not to elect laughing stock president

Oct 4, 2021, 1:08 PM | Article By: Arfang M.S. Camara

Independent presidential aspirant Essa Mbye Faal has urged Gambians to elect a new leader who will not always be laughed at whenever he goes outside the country.

“We as Gambians should put a new leader that when they go out, people will not laugh at them.”

Essa Mbye Faal was speaking on Saturday during his ‘turn around’ rally held at Buffer Zone in Tallinding.

He further said that Gambian youth came to his rally to register their anger about the kind of system in the country, adding that The Gambia is very hard.

“We as Gambian youth will not allow anyone to play and fool us especially after sacrificing a lot to put you there. You cannot be what you’re today because of us and you later turn to mock us. We as the youth of the country will never accept that.”

“We all know what is happening in the country. The cost of living is high going up from D10 to D35. We should do politics of ideas to solve the problem of the country rather than the politics of T-shirts.”

“I’m appealing to all those in the opposition like me to think about the situation of the country very well, so that we can all do what is better for the country. So that we can remove or reduce the unemployment rate of the country and all the other problems facing the country and put in a new leader.”

Essa Faal further thanked his supporters for the love after they filled the Buffer Zone for a big rally.

“We thank all the fan clubs that are here. If you check Facebook you see 73,000 [members] but we have reached 700,000. The love is real. Thank you Gambia,” Mr. Faal told his supporters.

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