DBO hands waste management equipment to BAC

Apr 7, 2022, 11:17 AM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

After years of project operation in waste management within West Coast Region (WCR), Dresden Banjul Organisation (DBO) yesterday handed over two waste collections trucks with five giant 20-cubic and eleven 5- cubic skip bins to Brikama Area Council (BAC) due to funding challenges.

The project that was started by DBO in the past years seeks to address waste challenges within WCR, and ensure waste management procedures are carried out with regularity and provide compost for garden use.

Speaking at the site in Brikama Tambana, the chairman of BAC, Sheriffo Sonko, said his council has been partnering with DBO for the past five years, adding they have been doing well in sites like Tanji Beech, Old Yundum Market, Sanchaba Sulay Jobe and Sukuta.

“DBO has committed to what they have promised according to the MoU likewise us. This gives them the trust to transfer the materials to us despite funders pressing out. We are honoured to receive these important items.”

According to the size and the population, he said, BAC is the most vulnerable council in the country. Mr. Sonko added that the population disposes huge garbage that need to be taken care. 

“We need partners because we cannot do it alone. We will continue from where DBO stop and we hope BAC will do as expected.”

Aaron Leng, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DBO, explained the project has come to an end and they are happily handing over the equipment to BAC for a continuation of what they started. He said they handed over two trucks in order to continue waste collection within Wellingara, Coastal Road, Sukuta, New Yundum and Tanji.

“We hope that BAC will continue to cherish the work we have done. The compost site is also part of phase two project that we are not talking about yet but it will come. We will continue the partnership with BAC as we need them to supply us with various materials to continue where we are. This has been a fruitful relationship and we are happy to pass it over to them with our drivers and all equipment in good condition.”

Heinz Bormann, the CEO of DBO, reiterated that what they have done for the past years is just to help the country, saying they had many discussion with BAC and everyone was happy about the work.

“Two years ago, our donors wanted to step out and they reduced the funding until it comes to a standstill. How to continue was my major problem but luckily, we have BAC to take over.”

Modou Jonga, the CEO of BAC, also highlighted that DBO has proven to be a solid and most reliable partner of the council in the area of solid waste management.

“We started the engagement month ago when we were told that DBO wants to pull out due to lack of funding. As a result, we had a discussion that there is need to continue the work.

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