Corporal Bah calls on gov’t to facilitate his overseas treatment

Sep 14, 2021, 12:58 PM | Article By: Sulayman Waan

Corporal Samba Bah, has called on the Gambia Armed Forces and government to facilitate his overseas treatment before he loses his leg.

It could be recalled that in 2019, Corporal Bah was shot in his leg by a colleague while on duty at a check point at Kanilai village.

 He was quickly taken to Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) for treatment where he spent a month but was later recommended for overseas treatment to complete his medical transactions.

Speaking to The Point exclusively, Corporal Bah said: “I am so disappointed with government and I felt bad for not being helped to go on overseas treatment.”

He explained that upon his arrival at EFSTH in 2019, he was attended to and stayed in the hospital for a month. Corporal Bah said later on, he was recommended to go for an overseas treatment.

He revealed that shortly after his recommendation to go for overseas treatment, he met the current Chief of Defence Staff ( CDS) of The Gambia Armed Forces then (DCDS) Gen. Masaneh Kinteh to help facilitate his overseas treatment, but he was referred to the Health Ministry.

“I met the minister of Health and appealed to him to facilitate my overseas treatment before it was too late. He promised to help me but yet the promise is not fulfill,” he expressed sorrowfully to this medium.

The military officer said he needs help urgently because he feels pain and cannot walk without being supported with a stick.

“Definitely, I want government to help me to go for overseas treatment. I am the breadwinner of my family and if I am down, the entire family would be affected,” he noted.

Mamudou Jallow, cousin to Corporal Bah, also expressed disappointment with government for failing to facilitate Corporal Bah’s overseas treatment since 2019.

He said government should have helped Corporal Bah to go on overseas treatment earlier.

“We (family members) have the fear that if he is not helped now, the leg may have a severe problem that would prevent him from regaining his normality,” he expressed.

Mr. Jallow said he went with Corporal Bah to met CDS Gen. Yankuba Drammeh as well as the minister of Health and appealed to them to facilitate Bah’s overseas treatment where both top officials expressed commitment to help the soldier. 

However, he said neither the health minister nor Gen. Drammeh has fulfilled the promise made to Corporal Bah.

Jallow described Corporal Bah’s situation as awful, saying he has to be supported with a stick to walk.

“If efforts are not made to take him for overseas treatment, he will not regain normality, “ Jallow said.

He urged government through the Defence Ministry, GAF and Ministry of Health to urgently help Corporal Bah to go for overseas treatment.

He disclosed that Bah’s father has passed away and he is responsible for the daily sustenance of his family including school fees and transport fees for his brothers.