CG Darboe receives prestigious award

Mar 17, 2022, 1:07 PM

The commissioner general of The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA), Yankuba Darboe, recently received a prestigious award from the African student leaders under the auspices of the League African Development Students (LEADS Africa).

The GRA boss was awarded alongside the commissioner of Customs, Ismaila Jallow, at a ceremony held at GRA Conference Hall in Banjul.

The ceremony was attended by senior staff of the GRA.

Mr. Darboe was awarded for his quality leadership and the unprecedented revenue collection performance over the years, while the commissioner of Customs Ismaila Jallow was awarded for his length of service at the GRA.

Morgan Ochekwu from Nigeria, in presenting the award on behalf of LEAD, said that they had been keenly following numerous successes registered by the GRA under the leadership of Mr. Darboe.

He said due to this achievement, LEAD Africa wish to appreciate the entire GRA for excellent performance, and position him as a positive example in Africa.

He indicated that the excellent revenue performance of GRA in 2021 avails the government a wider fiscal space for various achievements.

Commissioner General Yankuba Darboe, in receiving the award, commended the delegation, saying the award serves as motivation for him to do more. He thus acknowledged the hard work and commitment of the GRA as responsible for the success and being honoured.

“I also want to thank the organisation who has given me this award. I am really out of words simply because I never thought I deserve this kind of thing. But what is more important is do what you need to do and you leave the rest in the hands of Allah.”

“I was just doing what I need to do and nothing more than that. I have been employed to do a work and I have been doing that work. It’s not me alone doing it but I was a captain of the team and as a good captain I have to make sure that the team works hand-in-glove.”

“I will continue doing the job that I have been doing for the country.”