Call to halt ongoing mass deportations of Gambian nationals from EU

Jun 21, 2024, 11:05 AM | Article By: Press statement

In light of the recent developments concerning the deportation of Gambian nationals from Germany, we, as advocates for the rights and dignity of all Gambians, urge the Gambian government to take immediate action to halt the ongoing mass deportations.

Currently, 12 Gambians are detained in various deportation centers across Germany, with a planned deportation date set for June 25, 2024. Since Monday, eight of these detainees have faced judges and received deportation orders. Many of these individuals were apprehended at their workplaces, while others were taken from their homes early in the morning.

The target for this operation is the deportation of 25 Gambian nationals. This ongoing deportation is said to be based on the Good Practice Agreement between the Gambian government and the European Union.

These deportations exacerbate the already challenging situation in The Gambia, where the government is struggling to manage high youth unemployment rates. The return of hundreds of citizens each year without adequate reintegration support only serves to worsen the socioeconomic conditions for deportees and their families.


1.We call on the Gambian government to:

Halt the Mass Deportations. Immediately suspend the ongoing monthly mass deportations agreed upon with the EU.

  1. Address Reintegration Needs: Develop and implement comprehensive profiling and reintegration programs to support deportees, ensuring they can reintegrate sustainably into society.
  2. Advocate for Rights: Ensure that Gambian immigrants facing deportation are provided with legal support and are informed of their rights and options, including voluntary return.


I urge the families of deported individuals to welcome their loved ones back with open arms, providing the necessary emotional and social support to help them reintegrate. Our deported compatriots are often hardworking and law-abiding individuals who deserve a second chance at building a life in their home country.

Gambians facing deportation threats are advised to consult their lawyers to explore all possible legal avenues. Voluntary departure is also an option that should be considered to avoid the stigma and trauma associated with forced deportation.

The ongoing mass deportations present a critical challenge that requires urgent attention and action from the Gambian government. We stand firm in our commitment to advocating for the rights and dignity of all Gambians and urge the government to prioritise the well-being of its citizens both at home and abroad.

Banjul, The Gambia - June 20, 2024