Bloody thirsty Jammeh executed the 44 Ghanaians

Jan 19, 2022, 12:39 PM | Article By: Sebastian R. Freiku 

William Nyarko – Coordinator of Jammeh2Justice Ghana Campaign and Martin Kyere – Survivor of the Gambian massacre in 2005

The Gambia Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) has found the former President of The Gambia, Yahya Jammeh and 13 others criminally liable for the massacre of 44 Ghanaians in The Gambia in 2005.

The Commission concluded that Yahya Jammeh was responsible for the killings, enforced disappearances  and torture of more than 67 West African  economic migrants  by giving direct orders  to the ‘Junglers’ to execute them in 2005.

The TRRC also recommended their prosecution, as well as the setting up of a Joint Forensic Investigation team based in The Gambia to locate, exhume and conserve the remains of the victims.

The Coordinator of Jammeh2Justice Ghana Campaign, Mr. William Nyarko, who announced these in Kumasi yesterday also disclosed that the TRRC had recommended the payment of equivalent of US$612,000 to 54 victims who were unlawfully imprisoned, killed or forced to disappear.

The recommendations were based on the conviction of the TRRC on the need for accountability and importance of bringing to justice those who bore responsibility for their crimes committed against West African migrants on the shores of The Gambia on July 22, 2005.

The Commission, which also took into consideration the consistency of witnesses, stressed on the need to ensure that Jammeh and his 13 other named enablers and accomplices be prosecuted for their roles in the unlawful killings and the cover up of the killings.

With regards to the compensation, the TRRC indicated that the money be paid to the respective governments of the migrants for inward transmission to victims’ families and survivors.

Mr. Nyarko thanked the TRRC for the compensation for the wrongful acts against the migrants.

He, however, contended that the compensation was woefully inadequate and called on the Gambian administration to consider an increase before it (Gambia government) issues a White Paper by May as recommended by the TRRC.

Mr. Nyarko urged the President to own the findings of the TRRC released on November 25, 2021and act on the recommendations to ensure justice is delivered.

Mr. Martin Kyere, the sole survivor of the 2005 massacre, on behalf of families of victims commended The Gambian administration, the TRRC and the Jammeh2Justice, for their efforts so far to ensure justice is administered.

He hailed the news that Yahya Jammeh and his cohorts are to be prosecuted and suggested that the compensation should be increased to US$15 million to offset their troubles and loses in the pursuit of justice since 2005.

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