Beakanyang opens URR Office

Feb 2, 2021, 11:34 AM

Beakanyang, one of the leading human rights and development CSOs in the country has announced the opening of its URR Office.

In a statement shared with this medium, the national NGO said it had recently opened its Field Office in Basse in line with their objective of getting closer to the communities they work with.

“This strategic move is in line with our objective of getting closer to the communities we work with in order to serve them better,” it further revealed.

According to the statement, the office is located at T-Junction at Basse Santa-Su opposite Furu's pharmacy.

The new field office will serve both the Upper and Central River Regions of the country while the Head Office will oversee activities in other parts of the country.

“Our services and support in the areas of human rights promotion and education, FGM/C campaign and community development are very much needed in the communities we work with now more than ever before. Thus the need for a permanent physical presence here.” says Charles Osei the Basse Office administrator.