Barrow  promises new constitution, term limit

Dec 8, 2021, 12:54 PM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

President-elect Adama Barrow yesterday convened a press conference at the State House and promised Gambians and the world that his government would introduce a new Constitution that includes term limit and absolute majority.


Answering questions from journalists about the cost of living in the country, Barrow said the cost of living is not only increasing in The Gambia alone and is not determined by the government, saying his government is doing everything possible to invest in agriculture.

 “I think that is the only way that can help to reduce the cost of living in the country.” In the security sector, Barrow stated that he didn’t believe after 50 years the country was not having a security strategy and military policy, adding they are now drafted.

 He dwelled on unity and indicated that “I will try to unify the Gambians and be the president for all. Even the people we disagree with, we will try to work with them in the future. We are open because we know this is not about personal issues but about principles and The Gambia. Gambians should know that it is everybody’s responsibility to contribute to national development. Nobody is working for me but the country.”

 He continued that he doesn’t think there is a loser in the just-concluded election, saying everyone is a winner. He added that it is The Gambia that is important and his government would do everything possible to bring people together to develop the country.

 He emphasised that he was not appointed as president but elected for five years. Barrow said that is the constitution and he would make sure that he respects the constitution.

“When I was contesting the election, I promised Gambians and I think most of the promises were fulfilled. We have achieved more than what we think of doing within the five years. The development within these five years is unprecedented. After 52 years of independence when we assessed our roads, the tarred roads we have throughout the country were 800 kilometers. My government was able to build more than 600 kilometers within five years. We built roads and bridges and more than 3000 classrooms.”

 Responding to the opposition’s denial of the election results, the President-elect said the IEC is the institution that is responsible for conducting elections, saying it is not him. With regard to Gambia and Senegal diplomacy, Barrow said the leaders should be together as one while adding that’s existing between him and Macky Sall.

 “That has made things easy between the countries because when something happens, I call Sall on the phone and solve it.”

 On TRRC, he said: “The TRRC is very important to me and it can be part of my legacy. We will look at the report and make it public after one month. The White Paper will come after six months and will not be entirely my decision because I will consult my cabinet.”

 He said the White Paper would dictate what his government will accept and what not to accept. He also assured that there will be justice, reconciliation, and reparation.