Barrow promises  monthly salary  for alkalolu

Nov 11, 2021, 2:04 PM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

Beginning his political campaign in Upper Nuimi District, President Adama Barrow on Tuesday promised to pay monthly salaries of D3,000 to 1,800 alkalolu across the nation.



He revealed this at a rally in Fass Omar Saho while indicating that the parliament and his government have signed it and it has been budgeted to start by January 2022.

President Barrow further stated that the people voted for him in 2016 which is coming to an end and is seeking re-election. 

“I want to thank the people of Upper Nuimi for appreciating the work. All the roads I built, the rice and ambulances I gave you is small. If I am voted into office again, I will bring more developments because that’s what I know.”

He hit hard on the opposition, saying they always doubt him of bringing development. Barrow continued that the people of Nuimi have been paying their tax but never get their roads built. 

“You have seen the electricity poles, so if you want electricity, vote me and I will bring more development. There will be lot of ballot that will contest but I want you to avoid one ballot. Our ballot is there and is for peace and development, in which you need to recognise. During meet the people’s tour, I came with ambulances but this time I will pay all 1800 alkalolu monthly.”

He emphasised that village heads are very important because they run all the affairs of the village and need support. 

Omar Drammeh, APRC regional coordinator, said the APRC-NPP alliance is strong because they have a leader who is knowledgeable and understand his ways. 

“Before the alliance, Fabakary met his people and asked them whether they would like the alliance or not. Us in NBR, we told him that we agreed with him because we realised the great work President Barrow is rendering to the nation. The only sound Gambians want to hear that December 4th, is Barrow’s victory.”

Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the APRC leader, urged supporters in Nuimi to vote more than the other districts. He said the president loves the country and he wants the developmental aspirations of the country to move forward. 

“That’s the reason why APRC followed him and I want every APRC supporter to vote Barrow because he is the right choice for the seat.” 

Hamat Bah, the NRP leader applauded the people of Fass for their faith in Allah.  

He added that there is an old man amongst the people vying for the presidency who said the people didn’t want the roads, instead they want food.  

He claimed that the president is the only one who started giving rice to the people and by January, all the alkalolu will be paid. 

“If you mistakenly vote for those people, they will destroy the country.”

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