Barrow optimistic about peace in Casamance 

May 4, 2022, 12:02 PM

“As good neighbours with the Republic of Senegal, I am constantly in touch with my brother, President Macky Sall, to ensure that peace prevails in the region.

We are “one people” in two nations, and through dialogue, a peaceful resolution could be forged to end the long-standing conflict in the area,” President Adama Barrow said in his Eidul-fitr (‘Koriteh’) message. 

“As we celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, let us take time to forgive, reconcile and be merciful to one another. We need to exercise restraint and extend kind gestures to all, be they in politics or other walks of life, families or neighbours.”  

The president also talks about the price hikes, he was “sadly aware of the price hikes, and the resulting challenges posed to families.”

 “In response, my government has taken steps to cut down on expenditure, and subsidise the price of fuel to ease the hardship arising from the ever-increasing price of fuel on the world market.”   

“These are temporal Government measures, so I call on all Gambians to engage in more sustainable strategies, including intensifying agriculture for local consumption.” 

Out of necessity, we have to minimise our reliance on imported essential food commodities as much as we can. The surest way to achieve this is to get serious about farming.”

“There is also growing concern on the impact of the world economy on migration. Illegal migration, in particular, is more challenging today than it has ever been, and its consequences are regretfully serious.”   

“With indifference, developed countries continue to close their borders to irregular migrants. Such unfortunate global developments reduce prospects of success in the developing world.” 

“It is necessary, therefore, to accept that, although we cannot stop illegal migration completely, we must look inward for alternatives and opportunities to make life at home better.”

“Here, in The Gambia, COVID poses a serious threat to the tourism sector; for this reason, it is time we revisited our strategies and options to sustain livelihoods.”   

“We are blessed with natural resources; for example, we have the land, the sea and a youthful population to exploit. This makes it feasible to tap the numerous opportunities that exist in agriculture, fisheries, and other enterprises to boost our economy. Instead of relying solely on external assistance, it is obligatory for us to take charge of our welfare, and fend for ourselves.” 

“Many people travel to spend the Eid holiday with their families and loved ones. Recently, there has been a series of unfortunate and deadly accidents. As a result, I urge all drivers to drive safely and abide by the traffic rules. Equally, I advise the traffic police to be more vigilant.”

“Eid is a moment for celebration, but let us also use the occasion to reflect on how we can conduct ourselves better for the benefit of the nation.” 

“Let us hold onto our values and good ethics to guide the younger generation, remembering that the better we conduct ourselves and embrace one another, the brighter our prospects of a happier and more fulfilling life.”

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