Barrow campaign faces allegation of stealing political ideas 

Nov 22, 2021, 11:25 AM | Article By: Ali Jaw

Concerned citizens including some supporters of Essa Faal have expressed disappointment with Barrow and his campaign over what they called a stolen idea on health insurance from the Faal campaign.

“Yes, it is a good initiative and it is going to help a lot for the Gambian people, but it seems like our government is lacking behind. They are waiting for the opposition to give out their blueprint and manifesto, and then take it from there to implement it as their own system,” says one Pato Jallow.

President Adama Barrow has promised the people of Ndungu Charreh in Lower Nuimi that his government would introduce health insurance – a plan Faal campaign claims was unveiled in its manifesto.

“They have to sit on the table and discuss how to handle the health care system in the country, but they should not always be waiting for others to plan their own and take it from there. It shows that the government is lacking behind and needs to redouble their efforts to help the Gambia with the health care system.” 

One Camara said this is Essa Faal’s idea. He added that it would, in fact, be of no use if the people are unable to pay for it as a result of unemployment and expressed fear of inefficiency of the programme due to poorly equipped hospitals. It is political propaganda, he concluded.

Many believe that Adama Barrow, his cabinet and his government should be more innovative and productive enough to come up with ideas that are concrete and irresistible to lift the Gambian people from clutches of poverty, backwardness and ignorance. They also expressed concern for efficiency rather than programs upon programs without positive change.

One Ansumana Saidykhan expressed the need for sensitisation of the Gambian masses for a better understanding of what the National Health Insurance (NHI) is all about, its objectives and the likes. Many others are also equally concerned about the same, what it covers, affordability to the Gambian masses and efficiency.

However, a revelation by Essa Faal has held that the National Health Insurance would not cover everyone, but civil servants and some other workers, which many received with disappointment and now waiting for time to prove that right or wrong.

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