Barrow calls for unity, reconciliation ahead of December polls

Feb 19, 2021, 11:41 AM | Article By: Sankulleh Gibril Janko

President Adama Barrow has pleaded for unity, reconciliation and tolerance as the Gambia heads to general elections later this year.

Barrow made the appeal while addressing Gambians in his speech on the occasion of the 56th Independence Anniversary.

“As always, I plead for national unity, reconciliation and tolerance. The true Gambian nature is marked by warmth, sympathy, generosity and willingness to support one another. Let us apply these values wherever we may be.

He said: “For the good of all, we need to give a new meaning to National Independence through our relationships, interactions and service to the nation within the framework of good governance, speedy development and peaceful coexistence in a nation and government for all citizens.

The time has come for us to courageously look into the future with optimism, accept one another, patch up our differences, and find ways of working together in the national interest.”

He reminded the gathering of the repercussions of partisan politics and conflicts.

“We have witnessed how partisan politics and conflict pull people apart and undermine the power and glory of nations, no matter how great they may be. Not even the most powerful are spared of division if the law is not upheld,” he said.

President Barrow  added that the upcoming presidential election is an opportunity for Gambians to demonstrate their political maturity and discipline.

“The 2021 Presidential Election provides an opportunity for all Gambians to display political prudence and discipline, bound by democratic values.”

Barrow highlighted the constraints brought by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and this year too.

Therefore, he urged for more resilience adding the significance of 2021 in the political space of the Gambia.

“With the new Coronavirus variants spreading wider and faster, 2021 has not started well either. Nonetheless, it is a significant year for various reasons.

“First, it marks the end of our three-year National Development Plan. Second, it is the target year to usher in the Third Republic. Third, it is the year to elect a President, and mark the end of the current transition phase under my leadership.”