Barrow applauds 1000 plus UTG graduates

Mar 8, 2022, 12:24 PM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

President Adama Barrow has applauded all those who successfully completed their courses to earn either a degree, diploma, or certificate from the country’s citadel of knowledge - the University of The Gambia, reminding that since its inception in 2000, UTG has guided and left lasting imprints on the minds of many young Gambians.

President Barrow was speaking at the 14th convocation of the University of The Gambia, held on Saturday, where over one-thousand students graduated in various disciplines.

Barrow said that since its inception in 2000, the UTG has guided and left lasting imprints on the minds of many young Gambians; most of whom continue to contribute to the development of our country.

“Conscious of this, it is not surprising that the UTG has requested me to speak on ‘National Unity, Patriotism and Nation Building.’ I have opted to do so briefly and in broad terms, linking them with education and higher educational institutions to address the challenges we face as a country.”

Barrow however, reiterated that the findings of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) provide enough evidence indicating that there is an urgent need for Gambians to engage in deep self-examination, and to commit ourselves to unite the nation, building on our diversity and strengths for the welfare of all citizens.

Among other approaches, he continued, education must be at the centre of efforts to moderate behavior, change attitudes and contribute positively to national development and peaceful coexistence. In the process, he said it is imperative that we value and sustain the noble tenets of good governance, democracy and the rule of law.

“All these make it necessary to recognise education as a basis for national development. Experience clearly shows that formal education plays an important role in nation-building, manifestly by facilitating access to knowledge and skills, irrespective of socio-economic background and personal circumstances. Institutions of higher education, in particular, contribute most significantly to character building, besides producing the trained and educated bulk of a country’s workforce.”

President Barrow further highlighted that it is in formal educational institutions that values are better examined, understood and internalised. He added that in institutions of higher education, it is feasible to lay a solid foundation for mature political awareness and participation, define and transmit the concept of patriotism, and strengthen the commitment to national unity among students.

“Fifteen years ago, one could count the UTG graduates in government institutions. After twenty-two years of existence, there is hardly any public or private institution in The Gambia without a UTG graduate.”

“We have noticed that many graduates of the University act as agents of development, and they show the strength of character, generate creative ideas and have positive mindsets. Relevantly also, they match their counterparts from other universities and are doing well outside the country. This is quite remarkable, and it is what is expected of every respectable educational institution.” 

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