Bah tells Kandeh to join NPP or mourn GDC’s demise

Dec 17, 2020, 12:09 PM | Article By: Momodou Jawo on tour

As supporters of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) continue to defect to National People’s Party (NPP) in the ongoing countrywide tour of President Barrow, Hamat Bah, the leader of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) has called on Mamma Kandeh, to join NPP before it’s too late for him.

“The unprecedented development registered by President Barrow for the past four years has surpassed both the Jawara and Jammeh governments. We can now happily say that Barrow has accomplished 30% in terms of development. I can tell you that before the 2021 presidential election, GDC will only be left with just a name,” he remarked.

Hamat Bah, who’s also the country’s Tourism minister, was speaking at Sotuma Sere village in Jimara District of the Upper River Region.

The number of supporters from other parties that are joining the NPP, he said, is unprecedented. “Mamma Kandeh, should come and join NPP and work with Barrow towards national development or else he is done for good. President Barrow is not interested in tribalism. His vision is what’s transforming the country in all aspects.”

The NRP leader claimed that he had once told Barrow that he was going to separate with the United Democratic Party (UDP), but Barrow refuted his claims. “However, when the going got tough, he (Barrow) realised that what I was telling him was the truth. I also told him that the day Barrow separated with UDP, it would be the day he would know that Gambian people like him,” he stated.

“The large turnout of people in all meetings clearly manifests that Gambian people like Barrow.” 

President Adama Barrow, who also hails from Jimara District, told the people of Jimara that the government belongs to them, given the fact that he is also from Jimara, while promising them that they would get anything that they missed for the past 50 years in terms of development.

President Barrow said he was ready to work with the Jimara lawmaker. “I am from Mankamang Kunda and the NAM for the area is from Sare Koko, therefore, I will be even ashamed to oppose him. I have even called on Mamma Kandeh for us to work together because we attended the same school and we are age mates, but he refused.”

Barrow accused Mamma Kandeh of always insulting and belittling him especially during Kandeh’s rallies. “I have never stood in a forum or a meeting and talked about Mamma. The reason why I am even mentioning his name here is the fact that we all come from Jimara. I can promise you the people of Jimara that in the next five years, the entire country will be electrified.”

For his part, Alhagie Sowe, the NAM for the area, said he was ready to work with President Barrow in bringing development projects to the district. “What brings me in this gathering is not about politics. I want to thank Barrow for the projects that the district has witnessed. Before he (Barrow) came into power, it was only three villages in the entire district that had access to electricity. However, now we have about five villages.”

The community of Demba Kunda, he revealed, was able to mobilise up to D400, 000 for the construction of their road. “It’s sad to say that now the road is even in its worst condition. The said road almost connects the entire region. Sare Bojo is also a business centre which has a weekly market “lumo”.

During the rainy season, it’s a no-go-area. We want the government to help us with the road because the area council is just collecting monies from us without giving it back to the taxpayers.”

He finally urged the elders of Jimara to allow him to continue his consultation with the Jimara electorates and his families before he announces joining NPP.

Fatoumatta Kanuteh and Aja Jarrie Jagana, both urged the president to help them with electricity and clean water.