APRC admits Barrow talks on frozen assets

Nov 30, 2020, 10:16 AM | Article By: Yusupha Jobe

The secretary general and leader for Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC) has denied allegations that the party executives have entered a dialogue with National People’s Party (NPP) to form a coalition, arguing that talks were merely based on recovering the party’s frozen bank accounts and vehicles.

The APRC in recent times faces criticism with the view that it has an internal political problem as the party’s top brass are believed to have engaged the National People’s Party (NPP) of President Barrow to form an alliance for the 2021 Presidential election.

However, Fabakary Tombong Jatta, on Sunday made the clarification at a rally organised by the party’s youth wing of the West Coast region at Jabang village in Kombo North District, stating that the APRC has never at any time intended to enter into an alliance with any political party in the country.

He added that negotiations held between the APRC and the National People’s Party of President Adama Barrow were only centered on how to recover the frozen bank accounts and vehicles of the party.

“How can we go into a coalition agreement with the National People’s Party without you knowing about it? A party does go into an alliance like that because it constitutes the decision of its members and not the executive only.”

“And you were the very people who have commanded us the party executives during our congress in Bwaim to try and recover all our frozen bank accounts and seized vehicles by the current government.”

 “So these are the very negotiations we were in with the President and his government to recover back our frozen bank accounts and cars that were seized. “And the saddest thing is that even those negotiations were not completed when some party members started alleging on social media of us planning to mortgage the APRC to President Barrow.”

“How can you wish to enter paradise without dying first? So it is also not possible to recover our frozen bank accounts and vehicles without first going into negotiation with the government, it is not possible.”

“So I am appealing to you all to put away what has passed and concentrate on the upcoming presidential elections,” he advised.

Mr. Jatta further slammed the government for unfavourable relationship with Senegal, while citing allegations of several territorial border intrusion by Senegalese forces without any condemnation from The Gambia government, including a signed security agreement between the two nations that has caused a shot firing and forceful detention of Gambians in Senegal before being released.

“Today President Barrow has surrendered everything of our national interest to Senegalese government. And now I can say we are a region of Senegal under President Barrow. Now whatever is not being finalised in Senegal will not be effected by Barrow’s led government which is unacceptable.”

“And now people are everyday protesting of insecurity in their communities and homes because of the poor attention put on national security by the current government,” he claimed.

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