14 Gambians set to be deported from Germany today

Jan 27, 2021, 11:36 AM | Article By: Sankulleh Gibril Janko

Fourteen Gambians currently in a detention camp in Germany are set to be deported back home today subject to Gambia government’s approval.

These Gambians were arrested by German authorities and were told they will be brought home.

It is assumed that their stay has been exhausted after their asylum claims were rejected.

Yaya Sonko, the spokesperson of Gambian Refugees in Germany confirmed that a dozen Gambians are set to be brought back.

“I can confirm that 14 Gambians that I personally confirmed are at Fordsight deportation prison right now waiting for deportation,” Yaya Sonko said.

Like the previous batch of deportees who arrived in October 2020, the 14 Gambians are expected to arrive at the Banjul international Airport today if the government gives permission for the flight landing.

He added: “And they will be deported to the Gambia on the 27 if the Gambia Government gives the Germans the authority to fly a permit.”

Gambian migrants in Germany accused the Gambian authorities of neglecting the deportation issue when they had the opportunity to get a better deal for their citizens.

Sonko acknowledged that Gambians are not the only Africans being sent home; however, he accused the government of doing less compared to other African countries.

“For four good years the German authorities are following Gambia, they have been to Gambia several times, for possible dialogue regarding bringing some bilateral cooperations on how to deal with these issues.

“But they never have a fruitful discussion or fruitful results from the Gambia government.

“So being the case they are sick and tired of just keeping Gambians here like those whom you know their asylum process has been exhausted so they must go home.”

Like many Gambians, Sonko believes The Gambia is not in a position to accommodate mass deportees citing high unemployment rate among the youths.

He also argued that this could also lead to a high crime rate.

The German authorities are expected to deport about 4000 Gambians whose asylum claims have been rejected.

Gambians abroad feed and sustain thousands of households back home and a recent report indicates that they contributed 48% to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) through remittances in 2020.

The Gambia Government last week issued a statement on an agreement signed with the Swiss government which claim urged the authorities to issue papers to all undocumented Gambians.

Many are calling for a similar deal that will halt the deportation of the 4000 Gambians set for deportation.