A faithful Cuban doctor defending life in the Gambia

Jul 21, 2020, 1:51 PM | Article By: By: MSc. Maria Ines Alvarez Garay and Dr. Angela Otero  Mustelier (*)

"To graduate as a doctor is to open the doors of a long road that leads to the noblest activity that a human being can do for others.” Fidel

In the Republic of the Gambia, we are proud to have the dedication and professionalism of a Cuban doctor who is already a 33-year-old graduate and has trodden a long road in the service of human beings.

Dr. Carlos Alberto Rosabal Ramírez, faithful to his profession as a specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics, with strong and deep-rooted internationalist, humanistic, altruistic and solidarity principles, has provided his services in the Republic of Angola and since 2015 has been working in this sister African nation.

This Bayamese has traveled through various regions of this country including Farafenni, Soma, Brikama and Bundung, the latter located in the Gambian Combo. This walk through the farrest corners of the Gambia has allowed him to nourish himself with the customs and traditions of each ethnic group and thus interact with his patients while always respecting their culture.

Today the world is experiencing difficult times due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has humanity suffering severely its consequences, this has not prevented the Cuban medical brigade in The Gambia from fulfilling its fundamental objective of saving lives, quite the contrary this July 2020, month of great Importance to Cubans for that glorious 26, where a generation of brave and courageous men fought for a free and independent Cuba and a better world for all, has become a lighthouse  that drives us to be more efficient.

Our Dr Rosabal, one more member of this July 26 Movement for the health of the Gambian people, contributes a lot with his talent and has grown in facing difficulties and shortcomings to solve difficult cases such as that of a patient he received in a guard recently.

Isatou Tankarah, 38 years old, with 2 previous children, reported severe abdominal pain, menstrual disorders, difficulty walking, dizziness, and on physical examination, pale skin mucosa and profuse sweating, signs of shock and a painful abdomen with . peritoneal reaction were found, so blood tests and diagnostic ultrasound are performed, in addition to a positive Douglas sac puncture with 5,000 blood that did not coagulate, leading to the diagnosis of a hemoperitoneum and hypovolemic shock secondary to spontaneous rupture of a Subserous Myoma.

The emergency case was announced, performing a successful myomectomy, the blood volume was corrected with fluids and blood transfusion, antibiotics and general measures.

 This is an exceptional case, our doctor, in all his years of experience, assists it for the first time.

All he knew about the traditions of of these people was worthwile, because today he proudly shows the results of this successful surgical intervention, making this patient continue to enjoy life with full capacity to achieve new pregnancies, a fundamental aspect of the African culture.

Our beloved OB / GYN has earned the affection and recognition of his fellow colleagues, friends, and above all, the gratitude of the population who have had the privilege of enjoying his services.

Thank you very much Dr. We know your willingness to continue fighting the pandemic while continuing to care for your patients. With doctors like you, a better world is possible.

.. “It is necessary that our internationalists and revolutionaries, capable of feeling and acting, collect for history the pages that the Cuban people have been able to lead.” Fidel

You doctor has written your own history that enriches the pages of the dignified path carried out by our medical brigades in the world.

(*) Collaborators of the Cuban Medical Brigade in The Gambia

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