What's the gov't doing amid surge in gambling chaos!

May 10, 2022, 10:39 AM

The recent surge in the number of gambling chaos in the country is alarming.

The practice is fast becoming a lucrative venture for some, thus rendering many youth lazy.

Hardly, there is no big settlement within the Greater Banjul Area or West Coast Region without a winner or other forms of gambling chaos.

Both Islam and other major faiths taught us against engaging in gambling in which-ever way or form.

The fact about gambling is that it makes one an instant winner without even sweating. But in the process also render one lazy.

The reason being, once someone hits a jackpot the tendency of that winner concentrating much on his hard earned venture is sometimes difficult.

That's why many agreed that gambling in its entirety is against the teachings of major faiths.

We can't afford to see our youth loiter or adopt lackadaisical attitudes by loitering around gambling chaos.

This care free attitude is not only unproductive, but leaves much to be desired.

Walking through the streets in major corners is easily noticeable for one to conclude that The Gambia will soon become the gambling capital of West Africa.

The sporting game has quickly generated much attention and authorities are doing less to stop it.

In as much as democracy guarantees the rights of every person in the country, but we should always advocate and promote positive social values to maintain our integrity.

We all have a duty to safeguard and promote the public welfare of our citizens.

Besides, gambling is also a major contributor to the surge in crime rate in any country.

The government should vet by looking at both the advantages and disadvantages when issuing a licence.

The plight of our youth should be factored or taken into account.

No country wants to encourage lazy youth folks to assume leadership positions. No!

The precious time spent by youth in these casinos could have been utilised in something gainful.

Let’s nurture and build a brighter future for the country’s youth.

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