Corruption is a menace!

May 11, 2022, 10:41 AM

It is generally agreed that corruption is not a new phenomenon. The worldwide phenomenon has been flourishing since time immemorial. But the saddest part of the global menace is that anywhere it shows its ugly face, it tends to weaken the economy and thereby threaten democracy.

In short, in the process erodes the trust of the people in position, thereby impeding meaningful development.

Therefore, the menace which to some is a cankerworm needs to be uprooted in any group, society or country. Corruption exists in all spheres but most involved officials are in authority.

It is also said that it may be more noticeable in poor countries and dictatorships. Despite this, it is not absent in rich countries and democracies. But the cost of corruption is difficult to assess because it occurs between individuals in the greatest secrecy.

It is in the news that President Adama Barrow, while addressing the newly appointed cabinet, vowed to take a firm stance on corruption.

The president was speaking on Tuesday during the swearing-in ceremony of the newly appointed cabinet at a ceremony held in Banjul.

To end corruption, there is a need for all stakeholders to collaborate and share information. If not the political will and commitment to fight corruption will be a herculean task to win.

In the first place, we all have a duty to make it difficult for it to thrive by blowing the whistle on those that steal from taxpayers or abet the malpractice. State agencies should also ensure that corrupt individuals have nowhere to hide their ill-gotten wealth by seizing assets and freezing bank accounts held both locally and abroad.

Also, there is a need to implement the anti-corruption law to deter others. It is really disheartening to state here that the manner and way in which this menace has blossomed in the country in the post-Jammeh era is just alarming.

It is high time the country institute an anti-corruption commission to probe into some financial scandals making headlines. Nowadays, hardly a week has passed without hearing of major scandals in government ministries, departments and state parastatals.

We cannot sit and look at some few government individuals just squandered state millions just for their selfish enrichment. We all have a stake in this millions. In most African countries there exist anti-corruption commissions that to some extent deter people from such selfish misconduct.

Until then, this dreadful misconduct involving top civil servants will continue to thrive and become an issue to handle. It is high time the government wage a war on corruption.

Even though there are many reasons why corruption is growing, the low wages of civil servants should not be an excuse for people to be involved in corruption. Let’s fight it to uproot corruption in The Gambia.

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